The Open au Leeds International Film Festival

Le film THE OPEN est sélectionné au Festival International du Film de Leeds.
Musique originale de JB Hanak (dDamage).

Director Marc Lahore’s feature debut is the most unique approach to the post-apocalyptic genre film since The Road. Filmed in the Scottish Highlands, The Open focuses on the strength of faith – what motivates you to live each day when the world around you has been destroyed? In the midst of a global war, André and Stéphanie refuse to give up and are determined to continue with their lifelong dream – to organise their own tennis tournament. When they meet Ralph, a soldier from the plain, they invite him to lay down his gun and pick up his racquet instead. Together these three misfits, playing air tennis in the middle of nowhere, strive to dream, even though the world is coming to an end.


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